Lego figures are officially a trademark, court rules

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Lego avoided long arm of the law

Everything is awesome for Lego (sorry).

The Danish toymaker has triumphed in a trademark battle after a ruling by European courts today.

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A Brussels court knocked back a challenge by a rival British toy firm to Lego's trademark over the cute Lego characters beloved by children (and hated by parents' feet).

It's not the first time the world's largest toymaker has had to head to court in a trademark dispute.

After registering its simple Lego brick in 1999, the EU ruled against it when another rival - Canadian company MegaBlocks - challenged it in court. It decided the brick was a "technical solution" in creating toy bricks and which no one can have a monopoly over.

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British toymaker Best Lock failed in making a similar case this time. The court decided Lego figures are a community trademark rather than essentially being another brick building part of a toy, because the major features of the Lego men - those cute little faces and costumes - are not part of the toy's interlocking blocks concept.

We know the perfect cake for Lego to celebrate with....

Although the London bakery, Cupcakes by SJ, which made this awesome (sorry again) creation has been completely overwhelmed by Lego lovers around the world wanting one for themselves, after the picture went viral.

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