The nation's favourite cheese: Brits are obsessed with cheddar while French stick with camembert

Catherine Neilan
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Camembert? No whey! Britons love their native cheese most (Source: Getty)

Brie-leave it or not, we're crackers about British cheese but don't give an edam about those coming from the continent.

It's no haloumination: nearly two-thirds of Britons said cheddar was their favourite cheese, out of a shortlist of 27, according to a new YouGov study of north Europe's cheese-gorging habits. Red Leicester was the next most popular, with 20 per cent of the vote, while brie took just 19 per cent.
YouGov admitted however that Wensleydale, which did not appear on the shortlist, would have been a frontrunner.

In fact cheddar dominates Britons' cheese tastes more than any other cheese in any northern European country.
But some places are almost as patriotic, in their own whey.
France backs camembert with the second highest level of support – picked by 41 per cent of respondents – while 40 per cent of Norway chooses jarlsberg with a similar level of unity.
Germany – whose favourite cheese is Dutch gouda – is the world's biggest exporter, while France is the biggest consumer, with people eating an average of 25.9 kilos in 2013. China ate on average no kilos per person, while the UK actually ate less cheese (11.6kg) than the US (15.4kg).

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