Business group says PM has laid out a detailed EU reform agenda

Lauren Fedor
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PRIME Minister David Cameron has presented a clear list of the changes he wants to secure in his renegotiation efforts with the European Union, a leading business group has said.

In a new report, the Eurosceptic group Business for Britain said that despite not publishing a formal list of demands, the Prime Minister has “set out a robust reform agenda” over the course of the last decade. The report catalogues dozens of quotes from Cameron, identifying 10 goals for EU reform, including “cut EU red tape for SMEs and start-ups,” “return control over social and employment laws,” and “protect the City and financial services.”

Commenting on the report, Business for Britain chief executive Matthew Elliott said: “The idea that there is no plan for an EU renegotiation is patently absurd.”

“The PM and his government colleagues have has been consistent in calling for a robust new deal with the EU which involves bringing powers back from Brussels and securing ‘proper, full on’ Treaty change,” he said.

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