London bucks trend of growth in UK new home registrations

Caitlin Morrison
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Most of the UK saw the number of new homes continue to rise between February and April (Source: Getty)
New home registrations declined in London during the period between February and April, despite an increase across the UK in general.

Registrations of new homes increased by 20 per cent in the quarter, compared to the same period in 2013, according to the National House Building Council (NHBC), and 12,459 homes were registered in April, up four per cent on last April. The private sector was up by 24 per cent, while the public sector grew by eight per cent.

However, Greater London saw new registrations during the three months fall to 5,469 from 7,867. The only other UK region which experienced decline was the north east of England.

NHBC boss Mike Quinton said that the quarter was a continuation of the “very positive” start to the year.

“Now that the outcome of the General Election has been decided we look forward to continuing our work with government to ensure that housing remains at the top of the political agenda,” he said.

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