St Paul's is the UK's favourite building, followed by Stonehenge, The Houses of Parliament - and Edinburgh Castle

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The Christopher Wren-designed building is the nation's favourite (Source: Getty)

The UK may like to think of itself as a young, up-and-coming country - but it turns out we're a nation of traditionalists at heart: a new study has suggested the UK's favourite building is St. Paul's Cathedral.

Some 38 per cent of people said the Christopher Wren-designed building is their favourite. It was closely followed by Stonehenge (we'd argue it's not so much a "building" as a "collection of well-balanced rocks", but still), which 30 per cent said they prefer, while 26 per cent said they like the Houses of Parliament best.

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1. St Paul's Cathedral

2. Houses of Parliament

3. Buckingham Palace

4. The Shard

5. Westminster Abbey

6. The Gherkin

7. Battersea Power Station


The survey, by UKTV, found that the Shard is the nation's favourite modern building, with 18 per cent saying it's their favourite, while the Eden Project and the Gherkin were also both in the top 20.

Battersea Power Station - which is currently being converted into a gigantic shopping mall-cum-office-cum-luxury apartment development - was also up there.

The UK's favourite buildings

1.St Paul's Cathedral38%
3.Houses of Parliament26%
4.Edinburgh Castle22%
5.Buckingham Palace20%
6. Windsor Castle20%
7.The Shard18%
8.Westminster Abbey18%
9.Eden Project16%
10.Blackpool Tower16%
11.Durham Cathedral14%
12.Chatsworth House12%
13.The Gherkin8%
14.Kings College Chapel8%
15.Battersea Power Station8%
16.The Royal Pavilion, Brighton8%
17.Alnwick Castle6%
18.The Royal Liver Building6%
19.The Mackintosh Building, Glasgow School of Art6%
20.The Spinnaker Tower6%

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