Scottish Tory leader asks Irish to say I Do to same-sex marriage

Ruth Davidson and Jen Wilson want to be wed in Wilson’s native Ireland if the vote passes
SCOTTISH Tory leader Ruth Davidson has recently seen her star rise, with the referendum prompting an increased focus on politics north of the border.

Now she is setting her sights across the sea to events in Ireland.

Davidson, and her Irish girlfriend Jen Wilson, have called on voters in the country to say yes to the same-sex marriage proposal being put to them in a referendum, to be held on 22 May.

In interview on an Irish radio station, Davidson said: “I would very much like it if it was a possibility for her to go home to get married, as there are young people who are leaving Ireland right now because they don’t feel like they can be their whole selves.”

Wilson recently appeared in a Scottish Tory political broadcast.

It would take a brave soul to stand in Davidson’s way. The Glaswegian is a kickboxer...

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