Roux Sr and Jr bring their Michelin-starred food to the Investec Derby at Chez Roux at Blue Riband

The Rouxs are all about top quality ingredients cooked simply and skilfully
Last year, the World’s Greatest Flat Race joined forces with two of the world’s greatest chefs – Albert Roux and Michel Roux Jr – for Chez Roux on the Prince’s Lawn, a partnership that brought Michelin-starred gastronomy to the Investec Derby. The father and son duo are set for a return, this time taking over the racecourse’s Blue Riband restaurant on the 5 and 6 June.
Guests will be able to enjoy a three course meal including roasted English asparagus and cured smoked duck followed by roast fillet of beef and roast fillet of seabass finished off with a selection of mouth-watering deserts.
As official newspaper of the Investec Derby, City A.M. was on hand to raise a toast to the Michel and Albert as they formally announced Chez Roux at Blue Riband. How will it be different to 2014? “We’ve changed it from last year so there is no repetition, but the cuisine is very Roux” says Albert, who owns and runs Le Gavroche restaurant with his son. “It is not a designer plate, but it is food that speaks to you. It is not Picasso with edible flowers all over the place. Food like this is beautiful to look at, but so many hands have been using it, it’s half hot half cold.”
Forget gimmicks, the Rouxs are all about top quality ingredients cooked simply and skilfully. Albert says, “The menu is seasonal, above all, and local produce where possible. It’s a good time of the year to design a menu with local products. We’re not bringing coal to Newcastle. There are no foreign ingredients in our menu. It is using the best products that Britain has to offer.”
Michel Roux Jr took over the Le Gavroche kitchen from his father in 1991 and has gone on to present multiple TV shows including Masterchef the professionals and the BBC’s Food and Drink. “My father and I are delighted to be returning to the Investec Derby Festival this year,” he says. “Last year we enjoyed ourselves and again we’re looking forward to welcoming diners to taste some of the specialties we created exclusively for the festival.”
Chez Roux at Blue Riband is available for lunch during the two day Investec Derby Festival. For further information or to book your table, please contact the sales team on 01372 47 77 47, or visit

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