Mini-breaks back on the calendar as confidence returns - Brand Index

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The quintessential package holiday seeker enjoys relaxing on the beach (Source: Getty)
YouGov's study into travel plans shows an industry on the up. An increase in consumer confidence is leading to a growth in the percentage of people that expect to spend more on holidays within the next 12 months.

Our research found that the expected spend in 2015 per household on major holidays is £2,303, compared with £2,112 last year.

Three quarters (75 per cent) of UK adults expect to go on some sort of holiday this year. There is a tendency for short holidays or weekend trips, with 49 per cent expecting to spend more on those types of excursions in 2015. Beach holidays are the most popular (27 per cent), with city breaks (24 per cent) just behind. Some 22 per cent are visiting family and friends.

What does this mean for companies in the industry? YouGov BrandIndex data indicates the enthusiasm is great news for high street travel agents.

Our consideration metric measures whether a respondent would consider making a purchase with a brand. In the case of Thomas Cook, its score is currently at its highest point for 12 months (+25), higher than at the same time last year (+20).

With increased numbers considering booking holidays, this should encourage company bosses keen to exploit a newfound feel good factor.

YouGov Profiles data also gives insight into who takes what kind of holiday. The quintessential package holiday seeker enjoys relaxing on the beach, brands such as Thomson and Thomas Cook and visits sites such as Trip Advisor and Groupon. The luxury holiday seeker is willing to pay for good quality products, likes Hilton and Emirates and is influenced by radio advertising.

Harnessing this re-found enthusiasm will be key for tourist boards, airlines, hotels and other travel firms.

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