BBC debate: Nicola Sturgeon throws her support behind Labour's opponents to make Miliband bolder

Guy Bentley
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Sturgeon takes on Miliband from the left (Source: Getty)

The BBC leaders' debate had hardly got underway and the fighting had already begun. Ed Miliband's biggest threat north of the border, Nicola Sturgeon, threw down the gauntlet to the Labour leader saying English voters should back other parties to make Miliband "bolder."

The contest began with opening statements from each of the five leaders and audience member Charlotte kicked off the questions by asking the leaders how they would take care of the nation's finances and not pile up debt on future generations.

The biggest fight during the back and forth of the first question was between Sturgeon and Miliband. The Labour leader said he would balance the books in a fair way and get the nation's debt falling by the end of the next parliament.

But Sturgeon laid into the Labour leader calling his policies "Tory lite" and asked voters outside of Scotland to support progressive parties that would shift a future Labour government to the left and bring an end to austerity.

The latest TNS poll put Nicola Sturgeon's SNP on 52 per cent. Labour trailed by 28 points. The SNP lead in the TNS poll has almost doubled in the past month alone.

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