Lorry crashes into Dulwich bridge and narrowly avoids train with 89 passengers

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Passengers were transferred to another train after the crash (Source: London Fire Brigade)

This morning a lorry smashed into Dulwich bridge and narrowly avoided being hit by a train carrying 89 passengers.

No-one was harmed in the incident thanks to the quick reactions of the train driver who pulled the emergency brakes just in time halting the train only metres away from the lorry.

The fire brigade were called in to Village Way in North Dulwich at 11:25am and the incident was dealt with by 1:24pm.

London Fire Brigade spokesman Richard Knighton said:

The lorry has smashed into the bridge and the ‘grabber’ on top has gone on to the track. The train driver has quickly seen it and jumped on the emergency brakes which has narrowly escaped a potential disaster. The track has also been damaged so there was also the possibility of a derailing.

Trains were between London Bridge, Beckenham Junction and West Croydon were delayed in the aftermath. An engineer was dispatched to investigate the site with a spokesman for Southern saying:

Should any structural defect be found, then train services will have to be suspended again for repairs to be made.

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