Thomas Piketty and Russell Brand named among the world's top 10 "thinkers"

Emma Haslett
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One of the world's top thinkers. (Source: Getty)

It seems Russell Brand's lectures about the many advantages of not voting were more than just the fevered rantings of a "pound shop Ben Elton". The comedian-cum-"revolutionary" has just been listed among the world's top 10 world thinkers.

It turns out someone's actually taking him seriously... even though it wasn't that long ago that the public said he was worse than Jeremy Clarkson for political debate.

The list, voted for by 3,000 Prospect magazine readers, is largely dominated by left-leaning pundits, including Thomas Piketty, whose book, Capital in the 21st Century, divided economists last year, and new Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Conspicuous by their absence this year are economists Raghuram Rajan and Kaushik Basu. In their place, said Prospect, are thinkers who are "wrestling, in different ways, with the dysfunctions of what some persist in calling the 'developed world'".

As with last year, the list contains just two women, anti-globalisation author Naomi Klein and author Arundhati Roy.

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RankNameKnown for
1.Thomas PikettyAuthor, Capital in the 21st Century
2.Yanis VaroufakisGreek finance minister
3.Naomi KleinAuthor, No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies
4.Russell BrandComedian
5.Paul KrugmanEconomist
6.Arundhati RoyAuthor, God of Small Things
7.Juergen HabermasSociologist
8.Daniel KahnemannPsychologist, author, Thinking Fast and Slow
9.John GrayPolitical philosopher
10.Atul GawandeSurgeon, New Yorker writer

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