Microsoft is killing off Internet Explorer for new browser codenamed Project Spartan on Windows 10

Lynsey Barber
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Internet Explorer is the worst (but biggest) (Source: Getty)

Microsoft is killing off Internet Explorer. Sort of.

It’s unlikely anyone will shed too many tears over the demise of the browser which is hated by many for a number of reasons, from its slowness down to its market dominance and lack of support.

After nearly 20 years, Microsoft has realised Internet Explorer has become a bit of an albatross around its neck. Users will be welcoming a makeover however, rather than waving goodbye completely.

The next browser Microsoft creates for Windows 10 will go by a different name. They’re not sure what that will be just yet, but it's currently going by the codename Project Spartan.

"We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10," said Microsoft marketing chief Chris Capossela at the Microsoft Convergence conference, the Verge reports.

Based on its research, Capossela said people’s feelings towards a Microsoft-branded browser were much more positive than to one with the Internet Explorer name.

Here’s Capossela talking at the event about the IE rebranding exercise.

Despite the dislike, Internet Explorer still dominates desktop browsers. Although that's almost zero on mobile and tablets, so this newly named browser is likely to be aimed at growing this share - particularly through Microsoft Phones and its Siri-like voice helper Cortana.

It may not be the entirely new browser people are looking for, but the change in name is likely to encompass changes with the look and feel of the browser too.

And as far as the browser using public is concerned, any change is a good thing. Here's how people feel about Internet Explorer - according to Google suggested search.

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