General Election 2015: Here are the Labour party's five pledges

Jessica Morris
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Ed Miliband revealed Labour's five election pledges in Birmingham today (Source: Getty)

Ed Miliband has revealed five electoral pledges with which the Labour party will fight the general election in May.

The party will be focusing on cementing the economy recovery, ensuring that everyone can benefit from it, improving NHS and immigration policy, as well as improving the prospects of young people.

At a Birmingham rally he said: "Today we set out how we can replace a failed, tired government for the few with a government that is truly for all the people of Britain."

"I do not simply say that we should judge our nation's success by the success of working people. I say that only by working people succeeding can we succeed as a country."

"And it is an idea embodied in our pledges, written through each like a stick of rock."

This is now the fifth time Labour has used a pledge card to better communicate party policy to the general public. The method was central to Labour's campaign during the 1997 general election led by Tony Blair.


Labour said it would balance the books and cut the deficit during its term in parliament.

Living Standards

The party will freeze energy bills until 2017, ban zero-hours contracts and increase the minimum wage to £8 per hour in order to raise living standards.


Miliband wants to hire 20,000 more nurses and 8,000 more family doctors, guarantee GP appointments within 48 hours, and cancer tests within one week.


He also vowed to change immigration policy by stopping new arrivals from claiming benefits for at least two years, and banning exploitative pay rates.

Young people

Labour will offer young people lower tuition fees at £6,000 a year, an apprenticeship for every school-leaver with basic grades, smaller class sizes in infant schools.

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