More fun at London Bridge Station during evening rush hour as freight train breaks down

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More London Bridge misery (Source: Getty)

Evening commuters going via London Bridge during the evening rush hour are set to be hit by more delays as chaos at the station continues into its second week.

After crushes at the station on Wednesday, described as "life threatening" by the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union, commuters were again left stranded after a freight train broke down at the station this morning. Those travelling on Southern and Thameslink were worst hit, with some passengers facing delays of up to an hour.

Some commuters tweeted pictures of police arriving at the station:

Southern Rail said in a statement:

A broken down freight (engineers) train at London Bridge is causing delays to journeys to and from the station.

There is no firm estimate yet of how long disruption will last.

Network Rail warned delays will likely continue throughout the day. Thameslink trains are unable to use London Bridge.

The station has been plagued with problems and delays thanks to continued engineering works.

Rail Minister Claire Perry told the Transport Select Committee last week that passengers should be entitled to some form of compensation for the trouble they've faced at the station.

In January, Network Rail bosses warned that rebuilding work at the station could mean disruption and inconvenience to passengers for over a year.

Services won't get back to normal until August 2016. Platforms one to six will be closed for works as part of Thameslink's £6.5bn programme to relieve congestion.

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