50 is the most expensive age as expenses stack up from mortgages, children, saving for retirement... and holidays

Lynsey Barber
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Holidays push up costs as you get older (Source: Flickr/Emzee)

People expecting to sit back and relax thanks to getting themselves into a comfortable financial position by the time they hit 50 years old, may not be quite as carefree as first thought.

By 50, Britons have picked up a large bill, racking up more expenses than at any other time in life.

The cost of mortgages, holidays, savings and living expenses steadily stack up in your 40s, peaking at the age of 50 to the tune of £27,230 a year.

The good news is this begins to tail off, and by the age of 60 the bill drops to £20,000 a year.

By retirement age, costs fall to the lowest of your life, shrinking to just £18,00 a year by the age of 70, a new report from Investec found.

At the age of 50, it's crunch time, when people are having to juggle a host of outgoings, spending money on mortgage payments, setting aside cash and making investments for the future while still paying for children and their education.

At this age, people are also spending the most on holidays compared to any other age group and, as well as looking after children and teenagers, many are taking care of elderly parents.

By the time people are approaching their 60th birthday, many have paid off the mortgage and children have flown the nest and are supporting themselves.

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