Mobile World Congress: Ikea's new furniture range can charge your mobile wirelessly

Emma Haslett
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Ikea has launched a new range of furniture that can charge your phone wirelessly.

It unveiled the new "Home Smart" range of coffee tables, bedside tables and lamps at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today.

(Source: Ikea)

The system works using a chip inside your phone to charge it. Although there's been debate as to which one manufacturers would go for, Ikea has chosen the QI wireless charging standard, for which there are currently more than 80 compatible handsets, including the new Samsung S6.

(Source: Ikea)

And if your phone doesn't work with it, that's not a problem - Ikea will sell charging covers for models that aren't compatible (ie. the iPhone), as well as individual charging pads

The range will be launched in the US and Europe (including the UK) in April.

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