Report: Local government must reinvent itself in order to survive

Charlotte Henry
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More local government services should be digitised, according to new research
Local government needs a radical rethink if it is to survive, a new report says this morning.

The MCA Think Tank has made 17 recommendations in the report. These include improving the calibre of those in leadership positions in local government, increased digitisation of services, and a further examination of the role of local councils.

Emma Cornwall an expert on leadership at the Hay Group, which contributed to the report, added: “We have a cohort of leadership coming through local government now who could do better. But they are being crushed by the system and by their own slightly parochial concerns.”

Alan Leaman, chief executive of the MCA, commented: “The next Parliament will be make or break for local government. This MCA Think Tank report draws on the insights, specialist knowledge and advice of a large number of the leading management consultants who work with local government clients.”

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