Gfinity and Vue to launch first ever e-sports arena in the UK

Ollie Gordon
E-sports, where spectators cheer on professional video gamers, is growing in popularity
British e-sports business Gfinity has signed an agreement with cinema operator Vue Entertainment International to launch the UK’s first e-sports – or professional video gaming – arena in London, it emerged yesterday.

The agreement will see part of the Vue Fulham Broadway multiplex transformed into a 600-person e-sports venue, to be named Gfinity Arena to accommodate spectators.

Gfinity Arena is scheduled to open next month for the start of the 2015 Gfinity Championships which will comprise 25 events until September.

Under the agreement, Gfinity will pay a monthly rental fee liable to 100 per cent claw-back principally from tickets sales. Any further revenues generated from the events will be split between Gfinity and Vue, including branding and marketing. Gfinity will pay Vue a one-off fee of £350,000 in the deal.

“The tie-up gives us excellent flexibility while de-risking our expansion plans,” said Neville Upton, Gfinity’s chief executive. “Gfinity has proven it can organise and deliver world class events and this agreement allows us to satisfy the booming popularity in e-sports as a spectator sport.”

The companies will look into rolling out events at other Vue locations around the country.

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