Counterfeit Glen's Vodka being sold in London, Midlands and Scotland: Here are two ways to spot the fakes

Catherine Neilan
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Glen's Vodka: How the genuine bottles look (Source: Loch Lomond Distillery Co)

The Food Standards Agency is warning about counterfeit Glen's Vodka on sale “in several locations around the UK” - but it has highlighted a few tell-tale mistakes that should alert customers.

The fake drink is being sold in “a number of small independent retailers, corner shops and petrol stations” in London, the Midlands and North Scotland.
When you're next buying a bottle, make sure that is how it's spelt.
According to the FSA, the fake ones that are currently doing the rounds claim the drink is “produced and botteled in Great Britain”.
That's not all. On the back label, below the statement saying “Enjoy Glen's Vodka Responsibly”, the fake alerts consumers to the website D-rink
Genuine bottles should state it as
Brand owner Loch Lomond Distillery Co has been made aware of the problem, and is helping to get to the bottom of it along with local authority officers and the FSA.
The food watchdog said “Consumers should be vigilant and check closely for spelling mistakes on the label.”
Director of FSA in Scotland Geoff Ogle added: “A very cheap bottle of vodka may seem like a fantastic "bargain", but the safest thing to do is not buy it and if you have any concerns report it immediately to your local authority trading standards.”
A spokesman for Glen's said: "Counterfeiting is an issue that affects the whole spirits industry and we are working closely with all relevant agencies, including the FSA and trading standards, to tackle these isolated incidents relating to Glen's."
The company has also changed the labelling on the bottles to include embossing, "which makes it more difficult for counterfeiters to copy the packaging", he added.

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