Tesco is winning at Valentine's Day. Here's why

Catherine Neilan
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Tesco's Valentine's Day offers

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and what says love more than multinational retailers pushing their pink heart-shaped products you neither want nor need?

Absolutely nothing.

That's why between now and Saturday we will all be bombarded with adverts for all the chocolates you can eat (before the cocoa runs out) recipes for two, sickly-sweet hot drinks - and some with fizz - and Fifty Shades of Grey-themed everything.

So far, it looks like Tesco is winning at Valentine's Day promotions. At least as far as its social media presence is concerned.

There's been the tongue-in-cheek Vines:

The cute – but not vomit inducing – tweets:

And the A-for-effort Valentine's Day card-type promos:

For many of the other retailers and food outlets, it's very much business as usual.

There's been heart-shaped takeover on the Starbucks cups:

Morrisons is pinning its hopes on this heart-shaped pie pastry top.

Aldi has been trying to spice it up by going for the 50 Shades effect – but pink is still very much the go-to theme:

Marks & Spencer has created a promo of a man deciding whether to go with his bedraggled "lucky pants" or "Gandy briefs". A poor woman's version of 50 Shades' Christian.

M&S has also been let down by its in-store offers, which leave a little to be desired:

Harrods is really playing it safe. If by safe you mean slightly nauseating

Even Samsung wants to get in on the action – albeit somewhat clunkily:

Asda is going for the more straightforward approach

Don’t forget to order roses for Valentine’s Day delivery. Flowers start at just £10. http://t.co/ywlkYHI70x pic.twitter.com/caJzJyjqEG

— Asda(@asda) February 10, 2015

While Sainsbury's appears to have forgotten all about it:

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