11 times The Sun's Page Three girls showed how deeply they cared about the UK economy

Emma Haslett
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The end of an era, or good riddance? However you feel about Page Three, there's no arguing with the fact it's a British institution. But today came the news that after 45 years, The Sun has apparently decided to put an end to its traditional topless model slot.

The news was revealed by sister title The Times this morning, although a spokesman for the paper seemed unwilling to confirm the news, saying on that "Page Three of The Sun is where it's always been, between pages two and four, and you can find Lucy from Warwick at Page3.com".

It's the end of a slow decline for the slot: in 2013, the tabloid axed its "News in Briefs" section. Until then, Page Three models had used the slot as a forum for their views on everything from beer duty (which they cared surprisingly strongly about) to how much corporation tax large businesses should pay.

In fact, it turned out that like everyone else, they worried a lot about the UK's economic situation.

They felt sad when jobs were lost:

But were pro-HS2:

They worried about the price of commodities:

And ruminated on the impact of George Osborne's cuts:

They took a sensible stance on alcohol pricing:

But they weren't impressed by business' tax avoidance deals:

... nor were they particularly enamoured with the behaviour of those in charge:

And on the whole, they were not in favour of Europe:

And while some commented on Mark Carney's smouldering eyes when he was first appointed, the Page Three girls were only interested in his academic credentials:

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