Investment banking bonuses up this year but traders see pay slip

Tim Wallace
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Traders had a poor 2014 as markets were flat (Source: Getty)
Senior dealmakers at investment banks expect to see their bonuses rise by as much as £40,000 this awards season, according to data out today from

But equities bankers will see payouts stay flat, and fixed income, currencies and commodities traders will see pay dip.

Junior origination and advisory staff expect average bonuses of £45,000 this year, the data website said, up from £36,000 a year ago.

And managing directors in their departments are likely to get £198,000, up from £158,000 in 2014.

Associates in the equities business can expect £23,000, with their senior bosses on £172,000 – almost unchanged on the year.

But traders had a poor 2014 as markets were flat, resulting in low demand from clients.

The result will be a dip in bonuses from £41,000 to £38,000 for junior team members, and from £290,000 to £275,000 for managing directors.

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