Dalton Philips wins 2015 CEO sack race: Will Marc Bolland be next across the line?

Gabriella Griffith
Dalton’s out but who’s in?

So, Dalton Philips was the winner of the 2015 sack race in the end, beating off strong competition from rival-favourite Standard Chartered’s Peter Sands and bagging evens odds for anyone who backed him at Ladbrokes.

He said an emotional goodbye to hacks on the results call yesterday morning, causing a few cringes, as both Philips and the man sacking him, Andy Higginson, explained why he was getting the boot. “I’m sad to be leaving but when a board wants to make a change, you accept that and move on,” he said. *Sobs*.
So who’ll be next in the hot seat? Higginson hinted it won’t be another recently axed supermarket chief. “I won’t be calling Phil,” the former Tesco exec said. No kidding.
But what about a recently axed travel chief? Harriet Green has been given odds of 12/1 and following the revelation yesterday that she didn’t get her bonus from Thomas Cook in 2014, she might be keen to start working again soon. Ant and Dec, the stars of Morrisons’ ads meanwhile, have been given odds of 1000/1. A terrifying prospect, however unlikely.
Who will be next across the line in the 2015 CEO sack race though? We’re putting a fiver on Marc Bolland at M&S...

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