The UK's top MBAs: Here are the British business schools where graduates earn the most

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Going to a highly-rated business school might not necessarily equate to a higher salary once you graduate (Source: Getty)

The question of "to MBA or not to MBA" is tough enough - but once you've crossed that hurdle, deciding which business school is next. That choice can take months of painstaking research as you compare courses, tutors and specialisms.

Or, of course, you could just see which school has the richest graduates. Pay data site can give you a helping hand in that department: it's just published some research showing which UK business schools have the highest-earning alumni.

It's hardly surprising that the research, which looked at the average salaries of grads five years after they left, showed the business schools at both Oxford and Cambridge were high up there, with average salaries of £54,000 and £52,500 respectively.

But Warwick Business School (not to be confused with Warwick University) beat Cambridge, with an average wage of £53,000, while London Business School came first in the league table, with grads earning an average of £69,000.

And the company pointed out that just because a university does well in the league tables, doesn't mean its alumni will earn the most - the University of Sheffield ranks 26th in the university league tables, but appears seventh on the rich list.

So where are the richest grads from? Here's the definitive list:

1.London Business School£69,000
2.Oxford University£54,000
3.Warwick Business School£53,000
4.Cambridge University£52,500
5.Cass Business School£50,500
6.London School of Economics£50,000
7.University of Sheffield£49,000
8.Edinburgh University£48,500
9.Imperial College London£47,000
10.University of Birmingham£46,500
11.University of London£45,500
12.Durham University£45,000
13.University of Bath£43,500
14.Aston University£43,000
15.Warwick University£42,500
16.Bristol University£41,000
17.University College London£40,500
18.Loughborough University£40,500
19.University of Leeds£40,500
20.University of Nottingham£40,000

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