Nottingham Forest, Norwich City, Ipswich Town and 27 other English clubs receive payments from Fifa

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Bayern Munich were the biggest recipients of Fifa's World Cup payments. (Source: Getty)
Football clubs around the world will receive a welcome boost to their bank accounts thanks to Fifa who are sharing a total of $70m with 396 teams from 57 different countries.
Fifa is distributing money raised from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to clubs whose players featured in the tournament, in order to recognise the role they play in the success tournament.
However, rather than each club receiving an equal amount, the $70m (£46.3m) is distributed based on the number of players they had selected for a national team competing in the tournament and how many days those players spent on international duty in Brazil.
So it should come as no surprise that reigning Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich, who had 15 players - seven of whom appeared for eventual champions Germany - received more money from Fifa than anyone else.
Bayern’s coffers will be getting a $1,734,367 boost from the payments, while all of the 10 clubs to receive over $1m are big European sides regularly competing in the Champions League.
That may not sound like much for Manchester United or Real Madrid - and that’s because it’s not - but many of the clubs in the Football League will likely appreciate the new year tip.
A total of 10 Football League clubs, including Doncaster, Swindon and Fulham, received money from Fifa. Find out how much in the calculator below:


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