In pictures: Geminid meteor shower sends shooting stars over London, Macedonia and the US

Catherine Neilan
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The Geminid in Macedonia: Meteor shower regarded as one of the best of the year (Source: Getty)

This weekend the night sky was lit up by a meteor show of up to 100 shooting stars an hour.

The Geminid meteor shower was seen in both hemispheres, with both professional and amateur astronomers braving freezing temperatures to capture the phenomenon.
The best time to see the meteors in London was around midnight, but reports suggest they were visible from 10am to 2am.
The Geminids – so called because they have been traced back to the constellation of Gemini - were spotted across the world as far as Macedonia and Washington, thanks to the clear skies.

Geminid meteor streaks are seen above the Judean desert (Source: Getty)

Last night was also a good night to experience the shower, as the pictures and tweets below show.
The Society for Popular Astronomy said the shower was one that “many regard as the best of the year”.
Here's a short video that Nasa put out explaining the phenomenon:

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