Korean Air exec Heather Cho resigns after nut-rage incident

Lynsey Barber
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A nut-rage incident has caused a Korean Air exec to resign (Source: Getty)

Who doesn't get cranky when they take a flight?

But, you can’t get away with throwing a tantrum when you're stuffed into tiny seats like a sardine as a tin can hurtles you 30,000 feet above the earth - not even if you’re an executive of the airline you're travelling with and your dad happens to run the company, it turns out.

That “don’t you know who I am” rhetoric just doesn't fly (literally).

Korean Air senior executive Heather Cho has resigned after causing the delay of an Incheon-bound flight out of JFK in what may be the first-ever case of nut-rage.

The cause of the delay? While readying for take-off, Cho took offence to a flight attendant serving macadamia nuts in a packet when they should be served on a plate.

Cho said the flight attendant should be removed from the flight for the terrible faux-pas and not knowing the correct procedure, forcing the plane to return to the gate, according to reports.

The incident, unsurprisingly, did not go down well with, well, anyone, and caused the flight to be delayed by 11 minutes when it arrived in Korea.

Now Cho has resigned from her job, which the airline did say included checking the quality of the service, however they did also apologise and air officials in Korea said they were investigating the "unprecedented incident": "Even if she is the vice-president of the airline, she was one of [many] passengers and should have been treated as such.”

It looks like Cho needs to brush up on her in-flight etiquette too.

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