David Cameron gives Vince Cable and Nick Clegg the hard shoulder to take credit for "roads revolution"

Gabriella Griffith
Daivd Cameron loves a bit of high-vis
Usually the most exciting thing you see on the side of Britain’s A roads is a trailer selling strawberries for 50p and the odd squashed badger. However, yesterday was a different story as our top politicians were loitering in roadside ditches – all taking credit for a £15bn road-building scheme.

Who was part of this veritable A-Team? David Cameron was in Northumberland on the A1, not speaking to Vince Cable who was also on the A1 (a safe distance away), Nick Clegg was up north on the A57 and Nicky Morgan was on the A1/A47.

There was a lot of pointing into the middle distance and concentrating on maps – Armando Ian­nucci would have been proud.

The PM was the only one taking health and safety seriously and wearing high-vis – keen not to get run over before last night’s Christmas drinks at Number 10, no doubt.

The Christmas drinks themselves were befuddling in their earliness – starting at 5.45pm and finishing at 7.45pm – early enough for a lot of people to completely miss it. Was that the plan all along? Heaven knows, we couldn’t have the PM getting tipsy and spilling what beans are left ahead of tomorrow’s Autumn Statement.

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