Brown Thursday, Black Friday, Super Sunday, Cyber Monday 2015: When are the best deals going to be on offer?

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Retailers are hoping their deals will tempt in shoppers by the millions (Source: Getty)
The UK has finally woken up to the pre-Christmas sales bonanza that has been building in the US for many years.
Cyber Monday was the first to hit our shores, and, since 2009, has been the biggest single online sales day in the UK. But this year other US imports are gaining traction. What are they and how good are the deals?

Brown Thursday

Of the many promotional days about to hit British shops, Brown Thursday, which falls on the 26 November this year, is probably the least impactful because it is still (and may be for some time) much more of a US thing. It's the day Thanksgiving falls on, and last year saw it become officially a Big Deal for American consumers who hit the shops en masse to get an even earlier march on the promotions being offered.
But when it comes to the UK, other than Amazon and a few of the other US retailers, it's not likely to spill over much.

Black Friday

Black Friday on 27 November this year is probably going to be one of the best days for deals – deals are expected to average 15 per cent off, with discounts of up to 70 per cent.
It might be a stretch to say retailers are pinning their hopes for 2015 on this one day, but not by much. Black Friday is expected to be huge in the UK this year, after tentative beginnings in 2013. Everyone from John Lewis and Marks & Spencer to Tesco and Sainsbury's, and even Very and Asos are getting in on the act. Research suggests 82 per cent of consumers plan to buy something on Black Friday, so if you're not eyeing up the deals on offer you need to give yourself a good hard look in the mirror.

Super Sunday

Unless perhaps you are saving yourself for Super Sunday? Also dubbed Sofa Sunday, this is going to be a big day for online purchases. Ebay reckons this will be its biggest day of the year.

Cyber Monday

However, it is unlikely to be bigger, in total sales, than Cyber Monday. Five years into its lifetime here in the UK, it has become an established part of the retail calendar and virtually all the big name retailers and brands will be offering some deal on the day.
Cyber Monday may well be the biggest day for deals, particularly online, with offers matching those of Black Friday.

Pink Wednesday

Other than one press release from SuperDrug, we've never heard of this. We don't think it is “a thing”. But if you want discount perfume or aftershave it could be of interest.

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