Ofcom appoints Steve Unger as CEO until next year

Joseph Millis
Steve Unger rose through the ranks
Communications watchdog Ofcom yesterday announced the appointment of Steve Unger as interim chief executive until the post is filled permanently in early 2015.

He will replace Ed Richards who leaves his post at the end of the year.

Unger is currently director of the strategy, international, technology and economist group at the regulator.

Richards resigned in early October, saying simply that it was the right time to move on. He joined the Ofcom board in March 2003, became the regulator’s chief operating officer just over two years later and took on the top job in October 2006, replacing Stephen Carter.

Unger joined Ofcom’s predecessor Oftel in 2001 as head of network analysis and has served in a number of different roles there since then, including becoming chief technology officer in 2009 and taking on his current job in 2012.

He holds a master's degree in physics and a PhD in astrophysics.

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