US bank State Street brings TED talks to the East End’s Troxy

Gabriella Griffith
Peter O’Neill, head of State Street EMEA has his moment on stage
As the US’ second oldest financial institution, you might expect 222-year-old State Street to be a bit fusty around the edges. But the banking stalwart’s chiefs look determined to keep the bank fresh – so much so they organised a TED talk day in the trendy East End Troxy theatre yesterday. TED talks are usually the preserve of Silicon Valley types, but 14 of State Street’s employees took to the stage and spoke about everything from sexism in India to American ghost towns.

“My talk sought to challenge the ster­eo­types that millennials are ‘lazy, self-entitled nar­cissists’,” Patrice Thompson, associate at State Street told us. “The key takeaway I took from the entire experience is that credibility is not about referring to expertise, but rather about being the most authentic expression of yourself.” There’s hope for us all – can we hope to see more City institutions taking up the TED mantle?

Other talks in the schedule included a talk called Sack Fergie, Sell Giggs and The Pecul­iarities of Bur­mese Names – if nothing else, you couldn’t call the State Street team dull.