John Lewis Christmas 2014 ad campaign: The best spoofs the internet has to offer

Catherine Neilan
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Monty the Penguin: We don't advise the penguin watches any of these (Source: Getty).

John Lewis' Christmas 2014 advert looks set to beat its previous record for most viewed, most shared, most loved and most commercial.

Monty the Penguin had already had more than four million views on YouTube by this morning.

But as every celebrity worth their salt knows, you've not made it until you've been parodied.
Luckily for John Lewis, within the space of 24 hours a variety of spoofs have been produced. We round up some of the best here.
Try something new this Christmas: #Roastpenguin
Penguin Madness: Forced Penguin Bouncing!
TalkSport version - the highlight is Jose Mourinho talking to a penguin

This one urges you to give your loved ones the Christmas they've been “wet dreaming” (sorry about that) of:

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