In pictures: Firefighters investigate fire at Didcot B power station

Emma Haslett
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The blaze has been extinguished, but "hot spots" remain, firefighters said (Source: Twitter)

Firefighters say they're investigating a massive blaze at the gas-fired Didcot B power station in Oxfordshire, which broke out last night.

The fire started in one of the station's cooling towers at about 8pm, with 25 fire engines and 100 firefighters tackling it at its height. One of the station's two "modules", which between them provide about 1.3 gigawatts of power to the grid (enough to power about a million homes), was shut down, although National Grid says there wasn't an "operational impact" because demand for energy tends to be low on Sunday evenings.

Although the fire service said the blaze has been extinguished, it added "hot spots" remain within the structure As this image shows, it destroyed two cooling towers and damaged two others.

Here's a closer look at that damage:

The National Police Air Service tweeted a thermal image of the fire:

The blaze started in one cooling tower:

Before firefighters started to tackle it:

The fire service said it has been extinguished, although damping down "hot spots" will be challenging.

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