What kind of property are you?

Catherine Neilan
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London mansions: There's nowhere like home - but is this what it looks like? (Source: Getty).
An Englishman's home is his castle. Safe as houses. There's no place like home.
You can't argue with the fact that us Brits are obsessed with houses.
But is yours a sprawling mansion (gated, naturally, to keep the riff-raff out) or a skinny new-build squeezed into a formerly darkened alleyway?
Take our quiz to find out what kind of property you are...

You drive past a brownfield site. Do you:

The average house price in London is £514,000. This is:

You went down to Olympia this week because:

This skinny house is:

If you were giving out the Carbuncle Cup for the UK's ugliest building, the recipient would be:

What do you think about the mansion tax?

London's house price boom is supposed to level off next year – or could even fall. You think this is:

Crossrail is going to send property prices soaring. You are:

Foreign investment into British property is:

Mark Simmonds MP had to resign this year because his £120,000 salary wasn't enough for him to live in London. You think that is: