CMC Markets to join rock ‘n’ roll royalty in The Sanctum Soho Hotel for 25th birthday

Gabriella Griffith
Motörhead’s Lemmy has stayed at Sanctum Soho
The City doesn’t have a reputation for being overly rock ‘n’ roll, but it seems that Peter Cruddas’ CMC Markets has developed a penchant for one of London’s edgier hangouts – The Sanctum Soho Hotel – and it’s celebrating its 25th birthday there tomorrow night.

The hotel is part-owned by the managers of Iron Maiden, Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor – the third owner, Mark Fuller, looks after the day-to-day running of the hotel.

“Some of Iron Maiden are share­holders too, so we’re one of the only hotels which can truly claim to be rock ‘n’ roll,” Fuller told The Capitalist. “We often have musicians over – AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Lemmy, Debbie Harry, Liam Gallagher, you name it.”

With sound-proofed bedrooms, baths big enough for three and a Jacuzzi on the roof, we can see the attraction to stars – why CMC?

“We used it a couple of years ago and it seemed good,” CMC’s Mich­ael Hewson tells us. “I don’t anticipate Thursday being a wild night though and I won’t be throwing TVs out of the windows – they’d take it out of my salary.” Ah, never mind.

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