Space talk: Mars satellites make Tweet love

Catherine Neilan
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Mars: It's getting crowded up there (Source: Getty)
In space, no one can hear you scream. But they can certainly see you tweet.
This week Indian satellite Mangalyaan entered Mars' orbit – for considerably less than others in the space race (and films set on satellites).
But not only is it one of the cheapest Mars missions, it's also one of the most social.
On entering Mars' orbit yesterday, Mangalyaan opened its Twitter account with this not particularly taxing riddle:
It also had a bit of banter with Nasa's rover Curiosity, which is actually on Mars:

I'll be around - geddit?

Earlier today, we got a snap of the Red Planet - and for once we will forgive the blur for the sheer wonder of the subject:
So with just four tweets to its name, @MarsOrbiter has already won over nearly 100,000 followers.
We didn't realise but the Martian mission is really rather chatty.
That's probably no surprise given how much activity there is around the planet at the moment, but still not bad if you consider the Alien warning that has stayed with us for a lifetime.
Last week Nasa's orbiter Maven reached its destination, receiving a warm welcome from its groundling counterpart

More classic banter from Mars Curiosity

Curiosity has been tweeting since it landed on the planet in 2012, and it nows how to keep our interest – as reflected in the fact it has 1.66m followers.
Meanwhile rovers Spirit and Oppy have a joint account, @MarsRovers, which has been updating us since 2004.

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