Labour Party Conference: Watch Ed Balls dance to Gangnam Style

Catherine Neilan
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Ed Balls: We missed the bit about compulsory dance classes for everyone (Source: Getty)
Ed Balls really likes to blow off steam at the Labour Party conference.
Not content with shedding the blood of Northern Echo journalist Paul Merrick at the annual pre-conference charity football match over the weekend, now the shadow chancellor has been filmed getting down on the dancefloor – though this time around he's arguably got smoother moves.
The video, which appeared on International Business Times earlier today, shows Balls and his colleagues getting down to the South Korean megahit Gangnam Style hours after unveiling his plans for “Britain 2025”.
Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna, Harriet Harman, Balls' wife and fellow MP Yvette Cooper and Keith Vaz were also partying alongside him. And although Vaz tried to steal the limelight with his diva approach to wearing sunglasses indoors, it was the shadow chancellor who stole the show.
Oppa Ed Balls style!

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