Scottish independence referendum: Traders bet on No vote to win

Catherine Neilan
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Scotland goes to the poll - but markets suggest the union won't be broken (Source: Getty)
How is the Scottish referendum affecting markets?
Well the last opinion poll put No at 53 per cent, while the Yes campaign was at 47 per cent but if today's currency movements are anything to go by investors are much more confident that the union will not be broken up.
So far today, the pound is up 0.2 per cent against the euro and up 0.5 per cent against the dollar.

Pound vs euro this afternoon (Source: Bloomberg)

Pound vs dollar this afternoon (Source: Bloomberg)

Meanwhile the FTSE 100 had climbed a healthy 0.55 per cent at pixel time.
We will be reporting the results of the referendum as they happen live tonight from 10pm so if you can't wait until tomorrow morning to find out whether Scotland has voted Yes or No, do check back in throughout the small hours.

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