Scottish independence: City’s Boisdale restaurant wants Salmond smoked

Josh Martin
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Boisdale will be full of Better Together backers tonight (Source: Getty Images)
The City’s well-known Scottish restaurant Boisdale is expected to pack out tonight with punters glued to the big screens and the private dining room full of Better Together backers.

Managing director Ranald Macdonald was a firm No campaigner and predicted a 55 per cent win to his side.

He said despite the passion involved in the campaign from both sides, his London restaurants had seen no consequences of his outspoken views.

Over a quarter of his clientele are Scottish, he added.

“I spoke out at every opportunity because the more gun powder in the barrel the better.

“Speaking out was both terrifying and satisfying. Tolerance is key, but whenever there’s passion things can get personal,” Macdonald said.

Private table diners will be sobbing into the Aberdeen­shire steak fillet if the vote doesn’t go their way.

“I imagine the mood in Boisdale will be very depressed if a Yes vote gets through. But it will be jubilant if Scotland stays,” he said.

“Separating the two would be like separating siamese twins.”

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