Scottish independence: Three new polls show narrow lead for No campaign

Billy Ehrenberg
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The vast majority of polls have shown a lead for No

Three new polls have put the No campaign's lead at four percentage points, after a big day on the campaign trail yesterday.

Ed Miliband was forced to abandon a walkabout in Edinburgh after confrontations with pro-independence protesters.

The three surveys all put the No camp at 52 and Yes at 48 when undecided voters were removed. These numbers show a narrowing of the No campaign's lead, with the referendum looming large.

Such narrow gaps are within a reasonable margin of error and show how tight the contest has become.

Not all parties are viewing the contest as such a nail-biter. Despite indications there would be major financial upheaval if Scotland were to vote yes, the Financial Times is reporting traders are not pricing in the chance of an exit.

Likewise, bookies seem to think separation unlikely, with the chance of divorce placed at around 26 per cent.

The graphic below (only visible on desktop/laptop) shows every poll that's been conducted this year. By clicking on any scatter blot you can see how people voted in that poll. The bigger and darker the blot, the larger the sample size.

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