The Chinese city of Chongqing has created the world's first lane for mobile phone-using pedestrians

Emma Haslett
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The Chinese city of Chongqing has created a lane for pedestrians using mobile phones (Source: Getty)

Anyone who has spent time in a city is familiar with the frustrations of phone zombies - the strange, hunched figures absent-mindedly wandering into oncoming pedestrians' paths because they're too busy using their phones to look where they're going.

Now the Chinese city of Chongqing has solved the problem, by creating the world's first lane specifically for mobile phone users.

The 100ft stretch of pavement on Foreigner Street in the city has a line painted down the middle of the pavement, with "Cell phones, walk in this lane at your own risk" painted on its cobbles on one side, accompanied by a picture of a phone and some helpful arrows directing pedestrians. The other side of the pavement is left clear for those with somewhere to be.

According to The Telegraph, the idea was supposed to be a hint to pedestrians that "it is best not to play with your phone while walking", city officials said.

Although to be fair, it's not always just phone zombies who cause problems for pedestrians in a hurry. The lane isn't unlike an idea put forward by the New West End Company back in 2010, which suggested a "fast lane" for pedestrians on Oxford Street, meaning tourists could amble along at their own pace, undisturbed. Although - perhaps regrettably for some - the idea never came to fruition.

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