Apple Watch is the start of a whole new era of growth for Apple under Tim Cook

Oliver Smith
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Apple chief Tim Cook has broken with tradition (Source: Getty)

Apple is truly a creature of habit. You could almost set a watch (no pun intended) to the regular tick tock of its annual product cycles.

But every so often, Apple must change its pattern, breaking with tradition to launch a new product or set a new direction for the company.

The first iMac in 1998, the iPod in 2001, iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010 were all exceptions to an otherwise iterative product cycle for Apple under its late chief executive Steve Jobs.

Tonight, Tim Cook broke tradition with the launch of a device that could one day enter that list of revolutionary products. Critics will point to its battery life, screen size and other limitations, much like they did with the original iPhone before it.

But it’s important to see Apple Watch not for what it is, a flawed first generation device, but what it could be. Its pricing alone, $350 (£217), positions it as one of Apple’s most affordable products.

And once Apple begins its tick tock iterative process of fixing its flaws, Cook’s Watch has the potential to herald the start of a whole new era of growth for Apple.

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