Walkie-Talkie loses out on Carbuncle Cup ugly building award… for this year

City A.M. Reporter
20 Fenchurch Street has narrowly avoided the uncoveted 2014 Carbuncle Cup prize (Source: Getty Images)
Ladies and gentlemen, this year’s coveted Carbuncle Cup – the award for the UK’s ugliest building – goes to (drumroll please)… not one of the most nominated buildings, the Walkie Talkie, aka 20 Fenchurch St.

Unfortunately, or fortunately – depending on your perspective – the Walkie Talkie could not appear on Building Design Magazine’s list because it is yet to be completed.

But looking at the magazine’s website, it appears that it will be a sho-in for next year’s award.

A comment-leaver on the website named Andrew Morris wrote: “There could not be anything so compre­hen­­sively bad, in terms of its in­herent nastiness and in terms of the damage it has done to the dignity of the London skyline. A shameful, uncouth, enormous embarrassment.” Miaow.

In case you’re interested, the winner was Woolwich Central, a supermarket and housing complex, described by judges as “oppressive, defensive, arrogant and inept”.

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