In pictures: Vestra Wealth in bloom at Hampton Court Flower Show but don’t mention Chelsea

Gabriella Griffith
Hampton Court Flower Show runs until July 13th (Source: Getty Images)
The Chelsea Flower Show preview night has become one of the biggest soirees on the City calendar, with attendees almost as likely to buy companies as chrysanthemums – but what of last night’s Hampton Court Flower Show preview? Vestra Wealth is sponsoring a garden this year and held its preview drinks reception last night to celebrate. The Capitalist wondered if Vestra wished Hampton would go a bit “Chelsea” too.
“I certainly hope not,” David Scott, founding partner of Vestra told us. “Monday night at Chelsea Flower Show has turned very much into a place to be seen rather than a place to see flowers.”
Scott in­sists the Vestra garden at Hampton is more about joie de vivre. “It’s a good opportunity to have our clients come out and have an informal, relaxed night out. People work hard and being in the garden is a relaxing way to enjoy life,” he added. Indeed.
The Vestra garden turned out to be a gold medal winner on the night, but the wealth manager admitted his own green fingers left a lot to be desired. “I used to have a much larger garden when I lived in the countryside which I didn’t have the skills or expertise to maintain. Luckily, I’ve got a smaller one now I’m back in London.”
Well, that’s certainly one way us Londoners can console ourselves about our petit patios.

Actors dress up as the four seasons at the Hampton Court Flower Show

Actors dress up as the four seasons at the Hampton Court Flower Show (Source: Getty Images)

Artist Tony Smith stands with his turf sculpture

Artist Tony Smith with his turf sculpture (Source: Getty Images)

Sophie Ellis Bexter

Sophie Ellis Bexter attends the “50 Years RHS Britain in Bloom” garden (Source: Getty Images)


An unusual visitor at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (Source: Getty Images)

Siberian husky
A Siberian husky visits a Canadian-inspired woodland garden (Source: Getty Images)

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