Emojli: What's so great about the emoji-based social network?

Peter Spence
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Emojli - the emoticon only social network - is coming to iPhones soon (Source: Emojli)

Emoticons frequently supplement online conversations, but have you ever considered communicating in emojis alone? A new app is being developed to let you do just that.

Emojli will allow users to communciate in emojis - and only emojis. An iOS app is on the way, and its developers claim it will be able to fix many of the problems that plague social networks.

No more trolls, spam, or hashtags. Just emojis. Apparently it's not satire.

It's only slightly less pure a messaging platform than Yo, which allows users to communicate only be sending "Yo" to each other, with accompanying sound effects. Given that Yo has already raised $1m in funding, we can only speculate on how much investor attention this could attract. Cue "this is the top" comments from tech sector sceptics.

You can register for your own username now, but they're going fast. Even supermarket Tesco is already in on the act.

The service has been put together by Tom Scott and Matt Gray, who you may have seen collaborating on a number of odd online partnerships. See their websites for more examples of this kind of genius/madness (delete to preference).

There's even a great video to explain the concept.

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