Poll shows no boost for Labour as support for Miliband wavers

Kate McCann
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LABOUR leader Ed Miliband is facing increasing calls from within his own party to come up with a plan to win a large majority in May 2015, after a new poll shows no change in support for Labour among the electorate.

Research for the Observer newspaper, conducted by Opinium, showed no change in support for the party among voters on 35 per cent, with the Conservatives on 31 per cent and the Liberal Democrats on seven, a one per cent boost from the previous poll. Nigel Farage’s Ukip boasted a 17 per cent rating among the public, two per cent down on the previous research.

Miliband suffered heavy criticism from a number of Labour party insiders over the weekend, as it emerged that a former speechwriter for the Labour leader, Phil Taylor, is to join the Liberal Democrats.

“Miliband-Balls is just as bad as the Blair-Brown era,” Taylor told The Sun. “Everything has to be agreed by both of them. Miliband is too weak to stand up for himself,” he added, warning that Labour’s economic policy is “nonsense”.

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