Thursday 19 June 2014 7:15 am

Samsung’s #Selfie4England backfires

There is a long, rich and humorous history of hashtags backfiring on corporates but it doesn’t seem to stop them – step forward Samsung, who has been running the #Selfie4England since England’s first game last week. 
Let’s just say it’s been going wrong almost as much as right. 
A quick scan of the hashtag results on Twitter and you’ll see what we mean. Sure enough, there are lots of genuine, heartfelt selfies (go to this Twitter feed to see them retweeted). 
But there is also a swathe of not so nice photos being pedalled. The vast majority of which we couldn’t possibly publish. We shudder to think what will happen if and when England crash out of the tournament. 
Here’s a few of the milder ones….

Do you also remember these corproate Twitter nightmares?
Waitrose – you might remember #waitrosereasons – when the middle-class supermarket asked customers to tweet why they shopped at Waitrose. 

JP Morgan – The bank should perhaps have known better than to start #AskJPM at a time when sentiment towards large banks was pretty negative.

McDonald’s – One of the original and best hashtag disasters was #mcdstories through which people vented their horror stories from the fast food restaurant.