Thursday 12 September 2019 8:57 am

Rudd: May ruled out 'un-Conservative' plan to prorogue parliament

Former Prime Minister Theresa May considered proroguing parliament but dismissed it as “un-Conservative”, Amber Rudd has said today.

The former Cabinet minister, who served under both May and Boris Johnson before sensationally resigning this weekend, told the BBC’s Today programme, said the previous PM had ruled out suspending parliament “because it would have been the wrong approach”.

Rudd said there was a “level of confrontation” between the government and parliament that she had never seen before. “It is unwelcome, I think it is a mistake,” she said.

The former work and pensions secretary urged compromise and stressed the need to use “intelligence to find that compromise”.

Rudd added that Johnson was “earnest in his desire to find a deal… but it’s not enough to say you want a deal. You have to put into place action to get a deal”.

Rudd will tonight give a speech warning that either no deal or revoking Article 50 would risk public anger.

Main image: Getty