Monday 30 August 2021 11:54 am

Decision on vaccine passports delayed as clubs hope to avoid policy

Ministers are delaying a decision on making vaccination a mandatory requirement for nightclubs until the last minute.

The Prime Minister said vaccinations would be made a condition of entry for nightclubs by the end of September, when most people will have received two Covid jabs.

However, officials are delaying making any firm decisions about how the policy would work in action. A firm decision on the policy is likely to be held off until the middle of September, The Times has reported.

Johnson’s announcement has been seen by some as a bluff to push young people to get their jabs. Daily first doses are now averaging 54,505, up from 31,488 three weeks ago.

It has been speculated that proof of a negative test could be an alternative introduction.

The newspaper’s government sources said ministers would “look at the data in September” before any decisions.

The late night sector is strongly opposed to the idea, arguing it will be costly and difficult for club operators to implement.

The Night-Time Industries Association has warned clubbers could be “driven underground” and choose to attend illegal music events instead.