Monday 3 October 2016 6:23 pm

Love at first sight for EliteSingles

The parent company of the premium dating service EliteSingles, Affinitas GmbH, made the first move and acquired French dating site Attractive World.

Attractive World is the number one dating service in France and also operates in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. More than 2m singles have applied to the site since its creation in 2007.

During the first half of 2016, EliteSingles saw 23 per cent global growth. It will use its success and experience to accelerate Attractive World into new markets. Both brands will continue to operate under their own names as part of a strategy to become global leaders in premium and serious dating.

EliteSingles chief executive Jeronimo Folgueira, said: “We see a lot of potential for Attractive World in English-speaking markets and we will use EliteSingles’ vast international knowledge to turn Attractive World into a global success.”

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Attractive World offers a selection process where peer-approval required for acceptance. Only one in three applicants is successful.